UK – Nation of Informers? Enemy Within V Free Speech!

I’m about to go out for the day, but have just read a truly sickening story in the Telegraph.

Some sleazy pro-crimmigrant got a senior citizen victimised for saying what most people think about Amber’s Army.

Yet his comments were a lot milder than mine!


war zone 2


Amber’s Army Disembarks – Brits Should Echo French Resistance! 


Please read the linked story…

Brief Encounter clock stilled by row over ‘racist’ comments.

…then, if you feel injustice has been done, DO something!

Here’s the contact info to access these collaborationists.




Protest to those who caved in to PC pinko threats to “report the matter as a hate crime to the police.”


Jim Walker winding the clock up at Carnforth station, before the row over his remarks on child migrants

The Victim!


For my part, I let you know what the victim has to say, while I wonder what has reduced Britannia’s Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free…




…to a country reminiscent of the thankfully defunct Soviet Union, where citizens had to watch their every word spoken in public, lest sycophantic informers went sliming to the commissars’ red gestapo, to report ‘counter-revolutionary’ criticism of the ruling ideology.


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  • “It’s a matter of free speech. I was talking to a friend, discussing a newspaper article which questioned the comparison being made between the Calais migrants and the Jewish kindertransport children who fled to Britain in 1939.

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  • “I said it was a ridiculous comparison because the kindertransport children were being rescued from the jaws of death. I didn’t say anything I’d consider offensive or deserving of what’s happened to me.

  • “No wonder people nowadays are scared to say what they think. They are scared of being labelled racist.

  • Where has the right to free speech gone?”