‘They Grabbed Me Everywhere!’ Poor DESPERATE Refugees?

Another horror story, vile alien savages into mass molestation, young women surrounded by savages in Frankfurt, a city where I had a lot of fun when it hosted the World Cup in 1974.


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Back then, it was full of foreigners, of course!

Yet we, boisterous indeed, respected the fact we were guests in the city.

A fair bit of beer-fuelled tumult, no doubt, but no bestial brutality directed towards our hosts, and certainly no known affronts to German women.  


Not nowadays! 

hands off


“Me and my girlfriends. More and more of these guys came. Their hands were everywhere.”

And no, this does NOT date from New Year 2016. It apparently happened this past New Year, and only now it’s emerging…


Predators and Child Molestors


“Mass sex attack” by over 900 drunk refugees led to women being sexually harassed on New Year’s Eve in Frankfurt…

‘They grabbed me everywhere’ More than 900 migrants… 

Every victim of those savages should get justice, the guilty caught and named and shamed – though it may be hard to identify the the vile creatures who assaulted them, who know no shame anyway.


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  • The Frankfurt Police must, however, do their utmost to round up and ready the scum for deportation.

  • But as the German election campaign gets under way, it is imperative that the evil woman who afforded the creatures access to the victims…




…also be named and shamed and publicly held to account for the pestilence she has unleashed on her country.