In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country

An appalling verdict just announced in France, where that mangy ‘farmer,’ Cedric Herrou, a creep who boasts of aiding and abetting illegal aliens, got a ‘suspended fine’ for disgraceful crimes.  Suspended 3000 euro fine for Frenchman sheltering illegal migrants
Ludicrously, leftist Euronews says the convict is a ‘local hero!’

Oh yeah?

Among reds and ratbags, no doubt, but decent French folk must despise his crimmigrant-collaboration story .

We’ve covered it  previously.

Collaborateur! But No Justice Likely In Hollande’s France 

While the French court deserves condemnation for not putting the swine behind bars, I suppose at least they found him guilty, for what it’s worth.

Somewhat different from those ‘so-called’ judges in the USA…



…who will reap one hell of a whirlwind, if – God Forbid- any new Islamist terror atrocity is inflicted on innocent Americas by evil-doers from the lands named in President Trump’s Executive Order.   .-



Although I suppose the rotten media might seek to get round proper reporting of such a horrid possibility by taking a leaf out of Obama’s Fort Hood book…




….re-defining sectarian mass-murder as ‘workplace violence’ rather than terrorism.