UK ‘Conservatives’- “We Want More Calais Brute-Brats!”

Just watched Leftist Amanpour ‘interviewing’ ( echoing and egging on) Leftist Labour’s Lord Dubs on CNN…




…and the lack of ANY hint of objectivity has impelled me to the laptop.

  • One of our commenters had only just asked about the scandal of Amber’s Army – the deranged policy of importing sturdy brutes as’ children’ without any serious age-checks…




…despite their appearance suggesting they were old enough to serve in the armed forces!

— when lo, some ‘Conservative’ MPs began to make noises.

NOT about the need to investigate what has been brought into the UK, with all the attendant risks we’ve seen elsewhere when ‘unaccompanied migrants’ are unleashed…


  • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
Police have launched an investigation after a gang of young Syrian asylum-seekers sexually harassed three schoolgirls

… but, incredibly, on the ‘need’ to bring in yet more!




Such shabby shrilling provides another illustration of the immense disconnect between the Westminster in-crowd and the majority of ordinary Britons, who remember those  pie-crust Tory pledges to curb immigration.

The names of these so-called ‘Conservative’ legislators are all to be found in this linked Guardian story.


We must be grateful to the Guardian for this identification of Enemy Within Tories who must be targetted –  in Colchester, Twickenham and South Cambridgeshire, for starters –  whenever an election provides an opportunity for UKIP to do so.

But we must also take careful note of how the Guardian fails to include a single quote from a single Tory MP who takes a contrary view, except for poor old Amber herself. 

There are Tories who DO put the safety of British people first, so this is surely a deliberate attempt to portray the cessation of brute-brat importation as an issue on which Home Secretary Rudd is isolated.

She is not.

She got it wrong by bringing in people purporting to be ‘minors’ without making any serious effort to verify their age…. 



‘Thanks a million, Brit mugs!’


….but by belatedly halting that idiocy, she partially atones for her previous folly and will have won approval from millions of decent patriots throughout the UK.