Wise Folks in Jakarta Staying Home Tomorrow?

The National Police have urged participants of an upcoming protest to maintain order and have reiterated that the police will take security measures of the event planned for Feb. 11.


We mentioned one of three events scheduled for tomorrow just a few days ago, the ‘prayer-rally’ organised by Islamist fanatics.

(The National Movement to Safeguard the Indonesian Ulema Council’s Fatwa (GNPF-MUI) members, including the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), the Muslim People’s Forum (FUI)


fpi kill busddhist

Typical peace-loving FPI out for a weekend stroll

fui anti-america

FUI does not mince its words either


Check out (via our Search box) both the FPI and the FUI – they are NOT the sort of people most of us would wish to encounter!


There are AT LEAST two other crowd-scenes, pre-election rallies by supporters of Ahok and of Agus Yudhoyono.

Even if no mayhem breaks out anywhere, the normally hellish Jakarta traffic will become horrendous.




Stay home tomorrow.

After all, next Wednesday, Election Day, has been declared a public holiday.

So you can go out and do your ‘weekend’ shopping then.


Ooops, almost out of coffee- best get out to the nearest mini-mart this morning, despite the rain!