Dortmund ‘Alleged Offender – 21-Year-Old Asylum Seeker!’

The headline in the Express reads like this –


Migrant breaks girl’s nose for refusing sex advances – then knocks out her rescuer



merkel danger


But the key sentence, in this latest report from Germany on Mama Stasi Merkel’s victims, has to be the one in my headline.

Police have revealed the alleged offender is a 21-year-old asylum seeker from the Congo.


Not a ‘migrant’ in the real sense of the word, somebody who legally and properly moves from one part of the world to another, but another phoney ‘refugee,’ claiming ‘asylum’ on grounds which – whatever they may be – should instantly become irrelevant if he is found guilty of a crime.




Criminals, crimmigants, violate the law by their incursions without visas or other documentation that you or I would require to enter Germany.

If wicked or irresponsible politicians let them in anyway, and then they do harm to German citizens, those thus admitted make themselves surplus to German requirements.