Legacy – Good, Legion – Not So! A New TV Season!

New TV season, Monday night, 13th February, and I’m glad of it.

Re-runs are handy if you tend to be out a lot of evenings, as I am!


But there’s been altogether  too many, and worse, too much of that imbecilic cartoon garbage, ‘American Dad.’


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  • —————-
  • Do adults really watch cartoons, unless they’re drunk, or else in the company of their children?
  • Sad people!
  • ————
  • But of course tomorrow we have The Walking Dead back again, the awful zombies, which I shall be sure to get home in good time to enjoy.



Hurry up, it starts in ten minutes!


But I have just watched Legacy, which I’d never seen before…


24- Legacy Title Card.png


…and it was excellent, real ripping yarn stuff. Counter-Intel fighting terrorists, with plenty of twists and turns, action all the time.

And two episodes together, on a Sunday, when I am almost always home, resting up and chilling out.

Not so gripping was Legion, on a few days back…


Legion TV series logo

…which makes little sense and the characters in which are downright peculiar.

Try it if you are patient!