Eisenhower Era – Or Eisenhower Error?

A lot of older Americans look back with some nostalgia to the Eisenhower Era, and that’s understandable.

The USA was a much more civil place then, no flag-burning scum around – a healthy patriotism thrived.

People whose allegiance was not to the Stars and Stripes but to supranational ideologies ( not sectarian as now – in those days traitors looked to marxism for their inspiration) were objects of abhorrence, rather than sycophantic support.

So it was interesting to read the article below, which you may do at your leisure.



I’m still digesting its message, and will reserve judgement for the time being.

But the mention of Eisenhower made me think about another problem in this week’s news, viz.




The menace of Marxist North Korea.

I wasn’t exactly sure of the time-line.

I knew it was Truman who forced out the excellent General MacArthur, who had wanted to win the war rather than abandon all those millions north of the 38th Parallel to despotism.

Truman’s Folly Exposed – MacArthur Was Right! 

So I checked what Truman’s successor had done.

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Dwight Eisenhower

Eisenhower began to publicly hint that the United States might make use of its nuclear arsenal to break the military stalemate in Korea. He allowed the Nationalist Chinese government on Taiwan to begin harassing air raids on mainland China.




Sound thinking!

But like so much of Eisenhower’s antics, it was all window-dressing. More Questions Than Answers? – Diana West’s “American Betrayal” 

The president also put pressure on his South Korean ally to drop some of its demands in order to speed the peace process.   http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/armistice-ends-the-korean-war


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In other words, no serious intention of liberating either North Korea or Red China

Had he done so, there’d be no tyrant in Pyongyang whose ballistic missiles are flying around  today.