Late Start For Indonesia’s Valentine Kill-Joys!

Heck, I’ve been waiting for the past week for the annual kill-joy chorus.


Since the most fanatical elements in Indonesia are pre-occupied with the prosecution of Jakarta’s Governor Ahok for daring to quote a Koranic verse on the campaign trail…

“We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible…”.

‘All you need is love, tra-la-la!’


…I had begun to think they’d not got the time and/or energy to pick on kids who like the harmless fun of St.Valentine’s Day.

We had a jolly post last year, about attempts to provide a substitute for the scary ‘day of love…’

-extract below-


Tolak (Reject) Valentine’s Day



Hari Menutup Aurat International?

Literal translation  – ‘International Day for Covering Aurat.’


A matter of interpretation.

But Google Translate often gives it as ‘private parts’ – yet what normal, sane people regard as private parts has little to do with it, though no regrets for the fun afforded me when I wrote about “No Guarantees On Miss World’s Private Parts!” MUI 

Another common Google Translate offering is ‘genitals!’ Most of us would be taken aback if genitalia were on display, but that’s uncommon, to say the least, except in the smallest minds to be found in the archipelago.

Genitals?…‘Scholars’ on Scarfs – ‘Must Be Shariah-Compliant, Hide Genitals, Show No Curves!’  .

We can review what’s a private part in a moment, but first let me remind you – aurat is a sexist concept, a form of subjugation imposed by men, usually old but often younger fogeys too.

The poster below, which needs to be widely circulated, makes the sexism absolutely clear.



Addressed to ayah dan suami, fathers and husbands, you can see what’s  forbidden in the lists on either side of Michelin Maid.

Then, at the bottom, it offensively tells the afore-mentioned gents that –

‘Their Aurat is Your Responsibility.’

In other words, inspect your women before you allow them out!

But you men can go bare-headed, flaunt your knees, etc…


THAT was last year…or the year before, or the year before that…hard to keep track of the recurrent ranting.

February 14th – ‘International Hide-The-Yummy-Bits Day!’ 



But back to this year. 

West Java’s extremism rarely fails to appal (please use our ‘search’ facility) and sure enough, here’s the news from that sad Indonesian province.

West Java Education Agency head Ahmad Hadadi signed the letter on the ban on Friday.

Hasil gambar untuk ahmad hadadi



“[The administration] bans students from commemorating Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2017 at school or outside school,” he said…

Undoubtedly, no matter how outlandish the reasons…

…the ban was part of the government’s efforts to build good moral character in students and prevent them from engaging in activities that contravened religious, social and cultural norms…


Hasil gambar untuk valentine ban……..

…West Java can issue such coercive diktats to the youngsters when they’re on school premises.


When they’re walking round town with pals after school, sitting having an iced tea in a cafe…


  • warung-kopi-150327a
  • ………….
  • …in their own homes or those of their young friends?


And, as one critic is quoted as saying, unenforceable.


whatever__i_love_indonesia_by_NOF_artherapy Is this forbidden too?