Trump-Hater Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Escapes Interference!

A poor sort of president Germany has gotten, Sticky-Beak Steinmeier (but not entirely a surprise, as we said last year…


steinmeier-im-gespraech-mit-bundeskanzlerin-merkel- Steinmeier


He disgracefully exceeded his remit by arrogant intrusion in last year’s American election, his spokeswoman declaring that Mama Stasi Merkel’s Foreign Minister was “not neutral” on whether the Republican candidate is fit to occupy the Oval Office…” 


  • It’s a mark of President Trump’s restraint and civility that yesterday he declined to respond in kind.

  • As we see it, The Donald would have been absolutely entitled to draw attention to how frightening Germany is today for women and girls…

    If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

  • …or even speculated on what could become of Germany if the supine CDU/SPD coalition does not start getting rid of the crimmigrant horde.

  • But such tit-for-tat interference would have been rude, ignorant and insolent, the sort of infantile behaviour that we must no doubt expect from a Steinmeier Presidency.

  • The post is largely ceremonial, which is just as well, since his Socialist Party is infamously hostile to democracy.

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ ….

  • Even so, God help Germany.