Anti-Valentine Raids On Java Bed-Sits? :

Did you post your Valentine card with a crayoned SWALK on the back of the envelope, as we did when we were approaching adolescence..


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If so, one hopes the SatPol PP ( civic militia, aka sectarian goon-squad) in Sukabumi, West Java, didn’t catch you doing so!

Bigots in uniform are planning to stamp out celebrations of St. Valentine’s Day.

“We’ve ordered night clubs and hotels not to put up Valentine’s Day decorations,”


That’s how Sudrajat, SatPol boss in Sukabumi, seeks to wage his sectarian war on freedom. And no only that. 

The agency, the police and military officers may raid night clubs, hotels and rented rooms, known as kos, to make sure everyone complies to the order.


“ Jackboot

Stomping bed-sits to enforce kill-joy sectarianism


The brazen intolerance of this geezer, and of the benighted establishment he serves, alas, comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with West Java’s reputation.

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I’m not worried about any dearth of postal deliveries today.

But it does worry me that prejudiced pipsqueaks can tell citizens in a free country what they may, or may not, celebrate.

Nobody wants to force rabid Islamists to send Valentines – damn sure they won’t get any more than I expect to get!

But stalinoid sticky-beaks can tell NON-Islamists what days they can enjoy, or in what way?


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  • It’s outrageous when they rant about invading people’s private residences, those humble kos bed-sits, to scrutinise how tenants are spending their free time.
  • If that’s what’s happening, with the ‘police and military officers’ ( the military are under the authority of the Government of Indonesia, not provincial prigs) how long can my Indonesian friends count on Indonesia remaining a free country?