Before An Empire’s Eyes….Top Unionist Backs Disloyal SDLP

So the Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, Mike Nesbitt has declared – 

“Well, I will be standing square behind that notion and I will be transferring from my Ulster Unionist votes to the SDLP.”


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Nesbitt and SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood

When Mr Nesbitt was asked if that meant he would vote Ulster Unionist ‘1’ and then SDLP next, he said: “Yes.”

Mike Nesbitt: I’ll transfer my vote to SDLP before unionists


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‘Before an empire’s eyes, the traitor claims his price…’


That line from Kipling’s famous poem – Ulster 1912 – comes to mind.

The SDLP was once, under Gerry Fitt, a fairly respectable party…



Blood-Beast, Reynolds, Hume


…but that ended the day the po-faced Hume joined hands with Blood-Beast Adams and the Eire’s Albert Reynolds in their ‘pan-nationalist’ pact against Ulster’s right to self-determination.

But even before that overt display of disloyalty, it would have been outrageous for any unionist in any party not to go down the ballot paper and ensure his or her vote for every possible unionist candidate…


  • Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.
  • ————-
  • …no matter whether UUP, DUP, or, best option of all, Jim Alister’s TUV.
  • Traditional Unionist Values is the feistiest and most determined party in its commitment to the cause of the Ulster Brits’ right never to be surrendered to the expansionist republic next door.
  • ——–
  • Has Nesbitt forgotten who affronted every loyal citizen in every one of Ulster’s six counties by denying them the right enjoyed by all other subjects of HM The Queen in her United Kingdom, to have their flag displayed on the driving licenses they carry?



SDLP- Ulster’s SuDeten-Land Party! 


But it’s not so hard to figure out what’s motivated Nesbitt to pay the price.

The outgoing ‘Executive’ was a coalition of the DUP and the IRA’s ‘political wing,’ Sinn Fein.

Nesbitt desperately wants to replace that unwholesome alliance with another one, equally unwholesome…

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…with his own party and the SDLP, whose leader, Colum Eastwood, readily talks about the brand of Irish republicanism to which I give allegiance…


Odd coupling?

Given Nesbitt’s threadbare unionism, maybe not so odd after all!