Let REAL Italians Judge Who’s Country-Shopping!

Just got home after a very enjoyable day with half-a-dozen Indonesians. Time with that little discussion group is always both educational and entertaining.

But nothing funny about poor Italy’s plight, though nice to see there’s been another outbreak of resistance in Italy…

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‘We don’t want any more’ Italian mayor BLOCKS streets in protest …

….and no surprise!

After Red Renzi decriminalised illegal immigration, alien evil-doers could not be detained, free to roam the land, until, as all too often has been the case…...

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…something horrendous happened.

Now we read that special ‘express asylum tribunals’are to be established – to speed up decisions on deporting migrants with no right to stay in the country.  http://www.thelocal.it/20170211/italy-sets-up-fast-track-asylum-courts-for-migrants


On the face of it, good news!

But that will depend on the quality, the character, of those appointed to serve on those tribunals.

In Australia – at last in the recent past – there seems to have been an inordinate number of total twits involved in investigating the bon fides of boat bludgers etc.

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But back to Italy, where again, at first sight, the existing system is not unimpressive.

Around 60 percent of those end with a decision to deny the applicant the right to remain in Italy.

But are those phoney ‘refugees’ promptly deported, or left to run off during absurd ‘appeals?’  

Take a guess, in the knowledge that there’s a pro-crimmigrant government in Rome.

…rejected asylum seekers can generally mount two appeals in a lengthy process…



that overturns the original denial in an estimated 70 percent of cases.


CLEARLY unsatisfactory.




Yet the changes announced retain appeals, though only one, not two, with specialised judges with detailed knowledge of migration issues.

Issues? Specialised judges?

Judges in Italy are maybe no worse than those elsewhere…

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…but we have assuredly seen more than enough signs that they’re no better, handing down absurd appeasement rulings that are an affront to every Italian patriot who wants to see Italy remain Italy and not turned into a multicult mess.

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Another Italian Court Crawls To Shariah!

Italian Head-Scarf Whiner’s Legal Jihad – Court Caves In! 

What should matter is what is good for ITALY!


Time the entire appeals carry-on was consigned to the trash-can. And let’s have the initial ( and final) decisions made by panels composed of common citizens, drawn by lot from the electoral rolls!

Too many judges are cosmopolitan elitists, extremely out of touch with the feelings of honest working folks. As one UK newspaper described the anti-democratic UK judges..

Enemies of the People!

Meanwhile Renzi’s successors continue to welcome ashore thousands of unwanted aliens every month.