It’s Official – No Cost Brexit! Fact – Not Fake News!

Yes, it’s in the news, here in Jakarta…


…Brexit will cost you nothing at all!


Obviously, despite Tony Bliar’s latest anti-democracy ranting this week…

Hasil gambar untuk tony blair liar

Blair seeks to forge united front in pro-Europe fight

…most Brits know that their deliverance from Brussels will be a bargain, but for an up-to-the minute definitive cost/benefit analysis of Brexit, we need to turn to Indonesia’s news-site,

Masih Darurat, Brexit-Semarang Gratis Lewat Tol

Brexit in this report refers to the Brebes Timur Exit (Brexit, as it’s known here! ) on the mighty highway, the Tol Trans Jawa.

There are big problems, so the road authorities have declared that motorists may use a section of the toll-way free of charge!

Gambar terkait

Traffic Jam Horror!


Sorry, just felt a bit frivolous, as I have a fun weekend ahead!


PS – for a much more serious look at problems affecting British people, see the post we published immediately before this one, below, on the latest terror threat news!