‘WAR’ Warning To Trump -‘Don’t Support Self-Determination!’

Well, now we know, it’s not war with North Korea on the cards, it’s war with Europe.

Between the USA and ‘Europe!’


That was the deranged rant from one Wolfgang Ischinger today, somebody you won’t have heard of, likely…


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….but he is a German ‘diplomat’ (really?!?!) who’s ‘retired’ from government service to take on lucrative roles in the service of plutocratic companies.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfgang_Ischinger

Anyway Ischinger is running the Munich Security Conference which opens this week.

Exactly who funds the MSC, and who gets to pick its ‘European’ participants, who all seem to be supranationalists, anti-conservative, elitists…

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…is an interesting question, to big to tackle tonight.

From my high school history classes I seem to recall another Munich Conference which didn’t end well…


 – ‘Peace in our Time!’


…but no matter!

Wolfgang Ischinger was on Deutsche Welle TV, half an hour ago, telling the world that if Donald Trump refused to follow his presidential predecessors’ policy of pushing sovereign nations into ‘European integration,’ this would represent a ‘non-military…


What The Hell?!?!?

Yes – those were the words this sometime diplomat with plutocrat links chose to use, and in case we missed the point, he defined President Trump’s offence, which, we now know, is to –



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So there you have it, folks.

Trump naturally understands his own country’s history, that the American Revolution was fundamentally

A Demand for Self-Determination.

And he sees no reason why the historic nations of Christendom should not enjoy the same rights.

Ischinger clearly does NOT like that idea. His arrogant and provocative outburst suggests not just a distaste for democracy but more than a hint of dementia.

Declaration of War?

It’s people like Ischinger, and his cronies in the elite, not least Liar Juncker, who have been waging war ( ‘non-military’ -so far!) on patriotic parties all across Europe on the question of people power.


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 Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 


His in-crowd are our common enemies, and if war’s what they want, let’s give it them!