Are Europeans Hostile To Trump? And If So, Why?

Good Americans probably wonder at the extent of hostility to the President of the United States in numerous European nations.

It borders on the unhinged, with talk of French folk avoiding US vacations. The Trump effect: Is Donald to blame for French tourists snubbing the US?

It’s illogical, for Europeans, given how Trump’s been speaking up on behalf of their right to self-determination, thus enraging stuck-up elitists like Ischinger.

But think on…

What Americans don’t always realise is the sheer blatant bias of most of Europe’s publicly funded broadcasting media.

EuroNews has long been notorious, as you’d expect.

EuroNews, Devoid of Principle, Stages a Clinton Rally! .


EuroNews Biased Snout – Deep In Tax-Payers’ Pockets! 

But in France and Germany too the propaganda machine is endless.

Take Deutsche Welle (I wish somebody would take it!)

As noted last year, it sees nothing wrong with spitting vicious venom at Germany’s patriot party, the AFD.

DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest!




That ‘Quadriga’ is not an infectious disease, but rather the Deutsche Welle ‘debate!’

Last night, its ‘topic’ was a ‘question’ –


America First, A Threat To the World Order?

It wouldn’t, of course, occur to anyone at DW Pravda to ask the question –

America First, No Threat to World Order?

And they’d NEVER ask if we actually WANT a ‘World Order!’


Gambar terkait



As ever, they had three hacks as guests. 

DW is well-resourced, so obviously did its home-work and knew all about the trio.

An objective, professional organisation would have made sure of at least a little balance in the studio.



The three guests comprised a glowering little fellow, Matthew Kamitschnig, who has grown a beard to make himself look grown up, I suspect, from Politico; a Chinese guy named Shi Ming; and a German journo from Tagesspiegel, Malte Lehming.

The Chinese man was no way pro-Trump but he had a tad more class than the other two, merely opining that the despotic regime in Beijing was ‘glad to see Donald Trump facing more difficulties.’

No doubt. 

Lehming identified what he sees as the ‘danger‘ of the Trump Administration, ‘dysfunctional with more scandals every day.’


  • Hasil gambar untuk van jones communist quote


Evidently he forgot about the scandal of Obama hiring the communist Van Jones…or the others –Let’s Stop Pretending The Obama Administration Was ‘Scandal Free’

But Little Grumpy Matthew excelled – referring to the problem he had, whether Trump had ‘method to his madness’ or was it ‘just madness?’

You get the picture?

I suppose DW would plead, like the BBC, and equally dishonestly, that ‘they do try to get balance, but just can’t.’

 ‘ We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC 


BBC EU flag


That BBC flunkey had to be lying, of course – there are plenty of Trump fans to be found – but I wonder if DW would even bother to justify their crass bias.

We were also regaled with old news clips to illustrate various talking-points.


  • Euromerkel

Tomorrow belongs to SHE?


One was about Merkel, whom DW seems to think is now the Leader of the Free World – it was looking at worries over Russia’s intentions along the Baltic.

Mama Stasi was said to have visited Warsaw, to ‘patch up’ relations with the Polish Government.

The DW saps failed to mention that it was Merkel’s arrogant interference in Poland’s internal affairs that had caused the bad feelings that needed patching up!

0000000Deutsche WelleMerkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland 


Merkel has also upset other East/Central NATO allies, by using her Juncker clique comrades to demand Czechs, Slovaks and Poles take undesirable aliens that SHE invited into Germany.

Add to that Mama’s self-confessed interference in other countries’ elections…

Foreign Interference In French Vote? Merkel Is GUILTY! 

…and we are left thinking…

Some Free World Leader!

… remember her origins…Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

But bash Trump was the name of the game.

…and that pinko compere, Melissa Crane made no effort to challenge outlandish outbursts, or point out that people outwith the rotten media class might hold other views…


Gambar terkait

Melissa Crane


…and that was last night.

Then tonight it was France 4, who are used to railing at Trump.

France24’s Freak-Show! Leftist U.S. Loons Blame ‘FBI Plot!’ 

Talking Europe.’

But only the ‘Europe’ of the elite, dissing Donald over Climate Panic!

Four politicians – Austria, Belgium, UK – an OVP (phoney ‘conservative’ party) a Green, a Socialist, respectively..and a Fine Gael from Eire – they don’t have a regular party system there, the two main rivals divided by historical perspectives.

ALL panic-climateers, and NOT ONE dissenter, not one willing to challenge the Trump-bashers. France 24 could have asked along UKIP, or one of the patriot parties represented in the Strasbourg ‘Parliament…’




…but that would have struck a dissonant note in the carefully orchestrated PC chorus.

MY POINT in all this?

Given how the state-directed broadcasting media push out almost non-stop anti-Trump messages, and keep anyone likely to speak well of the American President as far from their studios as possible…




….NO wonder so many ordinary people have a bad image of the man.

But after his excellent press conference this week, when he told all those home truths about the media’s fake news, perhaps this can begin to change.

Certainly if we look back at Obama’s image, it was perpetually burnished by his media lap-dogs on the far side of the Atlantic; many Brits, for example, were taken in and thought his regime  was ‘a good thing.’


Until he showed his true colours during the Brexit campaign.

His enmity towards British deliverance from Brussels rule led lots of people to a reappraisal, a realisation that he was a VERY bad man.  



Honest people need to step up the social media counter-attack.