Bliss In This TV Dawn To Be Alive, But Fox? Heaven!

I apologise to Wordsworth for mangling his poetry, above, which he wrote – somewhat prematurely – about the French Revolution. Later he realised the full horror it had unleashed!

But for me, ’tis fairly heavenly, to wake up with an expanded range of channels to choose from on cable tv, no more anguished post-brunch indigestion brought on by CNN’s sneering pinkos.

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Fox’s owners are no heroes of mine.

But I admire their business acumen, which recognised the need, the hunger, even, among millions of Americans for pro-American broadcasting.




I’m only on my fifth black coffee, and already Fox has had a delightful lady from AFA taking on a ‘gay’ about the shameful ruling against religious liberty by Washington State Supreme Court..

Crucified by ACLU Gaystapo, Christian Gran Faces Easter Hell! 

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Lengthening Shadow of the Grim Gaystapo! …..

There’s also a report on an 11-year-old school-girl, fed leftist propaganda by some Trump-hater ‘teacher’ named Adria Zawatsky as ‘home-work’…



Red Zawatsky – parents beware!


 …the little girl’s Dad was outraged – of course!

But the irresponsible creepess has NOT been fired, merely scolded! Teacher under fire for slipping anti-Trump question into homework 

Oh, and BTW, speaking of deliberate, malicious indoctrination, here’s an update – covered widely – on that bigot professor who told her students that President Trump’s win was ‘an act of terrorism’ –  

Hate-Preaching Pinko Prof? Don’t Shoot Her, Fire Her! 

– the student who exposed her abuse of a position of trust has been victimised!

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Student appeals suspension after filming teacher’s anti-Trump comments


There are other benefits, too, to my channel changes, a selection of rattling-good-yarn movies…


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…and I especially enjoyed a Nicholas Cage horror film, ‘Pay The Ghost,’ in which the evil spectre was almost as scary-looking as Staten Island’s Red Adria, mentioned above!

But I must go out to buy cigarettes soon!

Busy Saturday in Jakarta!

PS – I will still drop in on the Clinton News Network – have to stoke my righteous indignation to be on best form.