Rotten Rajoy, Eager To Grab At British Gibraltar?

“We are going to ask that all decisions affecting Gibraltar be made bilaterally between the United Kingdom and Spain.”



That’s rotten Rajoy, a man who thus wants to pose as an expansionist, some kind of super-patriot, by loudly coveting somebody’s else’s country, while refusing to let his border guards in Ceuta defend themselves against savage crimmigrants.

The strategy this Spanish git seems to be looking at is to use the Brexit talks to advance its imperialist agenda. Maybe using the UK expats living in Spain as bargaining chips.

But there’s nothing to bargain about!

British sovereignty over The Rock is not only cast-iron legal but also under-pinned by overwhelming democratic mandates in repeated referenda.

Madrid has recently offered dual citizenship to Gibraltarians in exchange for joint sovereignty of the territory, which offers strategic control of access to the Mediterranean.

“I think that our proposal of shared sovereignty is quite reasonable,” Rajoy said…

In what possible way is it reasonable?

Madrid has no more legitimacy in its arguments than the Argies have in their bombastic hogwash about imposing their will on the Brits on the Falklands!

What we have to watch out for is the Enemy Within types in London…


Bliar with Blood-Beast Adams

….like Tony Bliar, who was exposed a few years ago as having entertained a Gibraltar sell-out scheme…

Cool Britannia’s Gibraltar Sell-Out? Tell the Truth, B.Liar! 

…and who’s now attempting to re-launch his clapped-out career by leading a Remainiac strike against British democracy.