Which Dustbin Denizens Should Freedom Fighters Email?

I’m having a fine vacation, far from my Jakarta home, even further from the British Isles.

But still the word gets through, readers in The Old Country sending useful links, like the one below from Bruges Group.

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But before you read it, a word of explanation re my less than flattering headline, and the relevance thereof.

The House of Lords was once hereditary, none of its members elected by the people, and its entirely undemocratic basis is unchanged – except that now it’s a dustbin, a destination for unelected deadbeats, appointed after electoral defeat or sometimes years of party political flunkey duty in local authorities, etc..




Or just because thy give huge chunks of cash to one party or another. Dave’s cronyism stinks… I thank the Lord I said no to MY peerage 


Sometimes genuinely useful people DO get given peerages, for serious achievement in non-party political spheres of activity.

Oh, and there are also a bunch of bishops…

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…all Church of England, who mostly talk rot.


If you do choose to email some member of the Upper House, please bear the above in mind. Most of you may well know who’s worth contacting.

Almost all of you will know who’s not!

  • june 23


Take part in the campaign to make sure Brexit is not blocked
Please ask the members of the House of Lords not to oppose, nor water down, Brexit.

Email them to support the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. Petition the Peers to respect the referendum result and vote the right way







Ask the Lords to support the withdrawal bill and allow Article 50 to be invoked without any amendments that would breach the will of the people, as expressed in the referendum. The members of the Lords should not seek to place conditions on our exit, nor should they cause delays.





The referendum of 23rd June 2016 must be the final say on this issue, the UK should leave the European Union. This will allow for the mandate set by the referendum to be fulfilled.

The EU should not be led to believe that the UK will settle for anything less than a full exit from the European Union.

The Members of the House of Lords, having approved the referendum, should keep faith with the result. Ask them to pass the Article 50 European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill through the House of Lords without opposing it, or seeking to water down Brexit.

We are confident that the UK will thrive outside of the EU.

Click here to email individual members of the Lords
This will send an email to your chosen Peer, or Bishop, concerning the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

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