Sectarian Censors – UCLA Echoes Gramedia’s Grovel!

It’s very sad to read that UCLA, one of America’s most famous instiutions of higher education, has taken to censoring books that might offend jihadist bigots.

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NB – Were it only immature and largely ignorant ‘students’ who caused the trouble, no surprise.

But in fact the real guilt is the dereliction of duty on the part of the UCLA Administration!

The author tells us –

“Finally a rep from UCLA did step in–to abet the student protestors. My book was “inflammatory.”

It had to go. 

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Thus: at a panel about freedom of speech and growing threats to it – not least from Islamists – UCLA students and school administrators tried to ban a book that highlights the importance of free speech, the persistent failure to confront Islamic totalitarianism, and that movement’s global assaults on free speech.


In any college, anywhere, this would be shameful.

But to add to the level of absurdity of a place of learning banning books, guess in which part of UCLA this occurred?

The Law School!

What kind of law do they learn, or teach, in there? The same sort that’s in vogue in Tehran?

A sorry, sordid story. 

But then it was very sad here in Jakarta to read – not so very long ago – that Gramedia, one of Indonesia’s most famous publishing companies, did more or less the same thing.

In levels of culpability, of crass betrayal of the basic principles of free expression, I suppose both UCLA and Gramedia are as bad as each other.

But in terms of any lack of shame,  or in terms of indifference to historically embarrassing parallels, I’d have to say Gramedia are by far the worse.

Nowhere in the report from UCLA… …

 … can I find any indication that their censorship took the same form as that used by Hitler’s Nazis…