Clinton Cash – A Petition for Justice!



Lock her up?

It’s an appealing idea.

Yet I suspect obliging other convicts to share her cell or even her canteen table at meal-times would be construed as the constitutionally forbidden cruel and unusual punishment!


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  • Imagine being in close proximity to her all day, or even while you’re just trying to digest your breakfast, lunch or dinner!
  • YUK!
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  • However, it’s absolutely right and proper to demand an intensive investigation.
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  • My Indonesian friends, former students and even casual acquaintances here in Jakarta, who often innocently tune into the mainstream fake news media like CNN etc…
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  • …frequently ask me about President Trump.
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  • I explain to them that the USA was lucky not to get saddled with such a rotten regime as that which a Clinton victory would have imposed on decent Americans.
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  • My response is invariably to recommend they locate and watch that fine film ‘Clinton Cash!’
  • First look at explosive Hillary documentary, ‘ClintonCash 
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  • As I’ve said before, it’s an eye-opener for those who think the Clinton clique is any better than some of those Indonesian politicians whose greed for power and money lands them in hot water here.
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  • Later, wiser by far, these young Indonesians tell me they’d no idea how dreadful the woman really is.
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  • Here’s a link to a very good petition.
  • I seem to be passing on petitions every other day, but since the Enemy Within is in a perpetual state of war with President Trump, I suppose one must be as active as one can be in helping all the many good American patriots who are fighting back!