‘Sub-Human Spectre?’ – The Hysteria Of The UK Media Clique


I’m so glad I currently have access to Fox News, because it afforded me the opportunity to see and hear Steve Bannon at CPAC.

His speech was eloquent, forceful and forthright in its attacks on the enemies America faces, but delivered in a very rational tone. Bannon’s clearly a man with humour and humanity.

Then I turned to the Guardian, one of the worst media wallowing in the British blend of left-liberalism. And there shrilled a little hack who dragged what passes for ‘journalism’ in the UK today down to a level significantly lower than that of a snake’s belly.



Steve Bannon lifted his mask of death at CPAC. It wasn’t a pretty sight

pocong A ‘spectral presence?’

 …the darkness that resides inside the West Wing. The power behind Donald Trump’s throne was a spectral presence…



This geezer Wolffe is surely in dire need of psychotherapy.

It’s not just that he sees ghosts. He also discerns animosity where there’s plainly none. 

Priebus went on to praise Bannon’s consistency, loyalty and friendship. Which made him sound like a well-trained pitbull.

No. It didn’t.

Bannon praised Priebus for his indefatigable steadiness, which made him sound like a donkey.


No it didn’t.

Find some You Tube footage and see for yourselves, but no reasonable person could interpret it the Weird-Wolffe Way. 




Verbalising myopia and tainting it with bitterness merely makes Wolffe sound like an ASS.

And not at all a nice ass…


bum beauty


…but a braying ass that needs something serious done about its contrariness.


Image result for mule


I watched the two men at the CPAC, which, BTW, The Weird-Wolffe describes as a ‘freak-show.’

There was plainly no animosity between them.  

Image result for steve bannon priebus


There’s really no substance to this fool’s article, nothing but vitriol directed against Bannon, who, as the photo above shows us, does not have a dour face.

sad-face-003‘dour face..’


Wolffe even seeks to portray his target as…

less a human being than a caricature…

 and that sentiment, so reminiscent of a Nazi relegating a Jew to the level of Untermensch…




…sums up the sick, supercilious mentality, both of the scribbler and a Lugenpresse media clique so demented that they’ll actually pay such an untalented person to write such tantrum-tripe!