Uppity Swede Objects To UK Liberation!

After those Swede grovel-bints in Tehran a week ago…Iran – Contemptible Swedish Cows Crawl To Shariah Sexists …one might wish to hear no more from pompous pinkos hailing from that crimmigrant-colonised country, but alas!

Now we have a mouthy vixen named Corazza Bildt, a Swedish MEP…



Bildt the Wannabe Language Expert


…trying to teach her own quaint ‘pinko-proper’ meanings of English words to an Englishman, who needs no introduction to British readers, or most anyone else.


Miffed ... Boris Johnson.

Boris can be annoying, and I’ve had some  harsh words for him from time to time, but he is well-educated and used the word ‘liberation’ quite correctly to describe the Brexit process.

‘Liberation’ has been grossly misused since WW2, not least by Communist murder gangs calling themselves ‘national liberation fronts.’



Among the nastiest and most dissimulative in its use were the Viet Cong terrorists.


But if your country is subject to rule from abroad, and you finally get to exercise the right of self-determination and regain independence, then what better word to use than ‘liberation?’

“It’s etymologically equivalent to being freed,” Johnson told the MEP, “and I’m afraid it’s an undeniable fact that we, the UK, has been unable to do, to run its own trade policy for 44 years.”


Spot on, Boris!

But get the Ms Uppity’s arrogant retort.

Corazza Bildt responded: “We are neither occupying you or a prison,” before the panel discussion moved on.

Last time I was back in Blighty, despite it being months after the referendum…


june 23


…I was disgusted to see those repulsive alien flags still flying on far too many government buildings.

I’ve not recently been down to posh Kuningan, in Jakarta, to check out the UK Embassy there, but as far as I am aware, despite my appeal for a cleansing…

Memo to H. E. Moazzam Malik – Haul Down The EU Rag! 



 …the EUSSR banner still flutters beside the Red, White and Blue. Boris Johnson is right to speak of British Liberation.


But it has not yet come to pass.

When it does, no more alien flags given parity of esteem to Union Jacks, OK?

And while I am not unsympathetic to Poles working in the UK and wishing to continue, some ‘Europeans’ should be declared unwelcome – that patronising Bildt woman for a start!

I gather Russia has already told her she’s not welcome!