Deport Brutal Bigots Who Beat Up Righteous Muslims!

Following Tuesday’s arrests, criminal proceedings have now been opened against nine adults and one juvenile for allegedly badly beating and threatening the two people suspected of having given the journalist information on the sermon, said prosecutors.



The ‘sermon’ is now also a court case, concerning alleged incitement to murder by the ‘imam’ of the An Nur mosque in Winterthur.

We have covered this before.

Pray Or Die? C’mon, Swiss, Deport This Brute! 

The victims of Islamist thuggery were two decent Muslims who dared spill the beans on the evil incitement that went on in that mosque.

All credit to the patriotic pair, and I hope they are given both an AWARD for their honourable behaviour and also a handsome REWARD, as well. Otherwise, other honest Muslims will be left to think that doing the right thing only gets you beaten up!

Or worse!  

Recall how the migrants in Germany had to have their identities kept quiet after notifying police of another sectarian scumbag’s whereabouts.

NB – the hoodlum thuggery undoubtedly took place, but we must await the verdicts, to know if all or any of the charged men (and one ‘juvenile!’) were indeed the perps.


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  • If they were, then the common-sense consequence should be deportation, instant and irrevocable.
  • Why should a lovely Swiss city be burdened with their noisome presence?
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  • Why should Switzerland?
  • Since the Zurich Federation of Islamic organisations has suspended the mosque, who’s going to complain?
  • In Switzerland, as in every civilised country, the motto must be…
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