OZ Media Joins In Anti-Trump Bias!

The ‘mainstream media’ in the UK and the USA, not all of it but the big bias beasts like CNN and BBC, hardly bother to try to hide their anti-Trump prejudice.

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  • But in Australia too the prejudice of the press is scandalous in its blatancy.
  • Get this!
  • It’s from NEWS.com.au, just hours ago...
  • DONALD TRUMP says he wasn’t elected to attend a media ball. But he’s happy to hold a red-carpet shindig with US governors in an attempt to upstage the Oscars.
  • Donald Trump to skip White House correspondents’ dinner
  • Not fake news, the first part.
  • Trump is indeed not going to the journo-jerk party shindig.
  • He is indisputably correct in saying he was not elected to hob-nob with hacks.
  • Who’d want to?
  • …. 
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  • ———
  • The nasty fake-news knees-up would be as disagreeable as that on display at the imminent Oscar mutual-admiration expo.
  • ……….
  • But the second sentence, the tone of which suggests there’s something off about a president spending an evening engaging with the elected governors of the fifty states?
  • As if giving the governors’ gathering a bit of priority over the hack-pack hoe-down is somehow inappropriate?
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And where is the fact-check confirmation of the assertion that Trump’s move to meet fifty men and women chosen by their states’ people to run their states’ affairs is ‘an attempt to upstage the Oscars.’

I may be wrong…( yes, it happens now and then!)… but unless there’s some leaked memo that confirms the NewsCorps allegation…


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…it sounds to me like Trans-Pacific sour grapes.