Turdostan’s Flag Replaces Canada’s At Sydney Consulate!

We were out for a drive one day last week, and as always, I was happily viewing all the changes in Sydney. NB – By that, I mean new buildings, older ones redone by new managements, etc.

Sometimes these are an improvement on what was there before, other times..well, not so much!

But the one change that appalled me was downtown.

As we zoomed past the Canadian Consulate, which is high up on a building near the southern approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge…

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…I glanced up to check the Canadian Flag was still on display. 

It’s easily spotted.


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Regular readers will know that my heart always beats more strongly for the glorious Red Ensign, which was replaced by the Maple Leaf in 1965, without the courtesy of a referendum, by the way...



But since members of Canada’s armed forces have fought and died beneath the Maple Leaf banner, I accord the current flag all due respect and honour. 

Imagine my dismay when, instead of the familiar colours up there above the streets of Sydney…


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On asking around, the only explanation I could get was that Justin Turdo’s local envoy, presumably under orders from Pretty Boy in Ottawa…


  • JustinTrudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Turdo


…has decided to fly this weird piece of cloth to mark what is advertised as the Mardi Gras Parade, due this coming Saturday…

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…when, praise be, I will have long been back in Jakarta, where that kind of cr-p is unlikely to be countenanced!

PS – As a footnote question, how many people still recall when Mardi Gras, descended from an ancient Christian holiday…-


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…was a cheerful and popular festival for normal people.

Now its meaning has become almost as totally bastardised as that nice old word ‘gay’ – that, older readers may remember, once meant ‘joyful.’

Changed days!