Amnesty Asses Insult Everyone’s Intelligence, Again!

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  • And yes, it’s the Amnesty International Imbecility Road-Show, staging an Alpine spectacular, much bleating because the Swiss don’t want to splurge public money on effluent from Italy’s self-imposed illegal alien problem.
  • One expects Amnesty to be pro-crimmigrant, of course…
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  • Who’d Trust ANY Of Amnesty’s Crimmigrant Liars?   

  • …and arrogant, which their scolding certainly is – telling Switzerland that it “had illegally turned back several thousand asylum seekers to Italy…”
  • as if the A.I. asses are some sort of supreme court, to direct and correct a country’s administration of its own lawful border controls.
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  • But Amnesty is an NGO, one of those ‘Non-Governmental’ Organisations which aspires to telling elected governments what to do…
  • Government spokesman said “foreign agent” NGOs were trying to steer national politics Hungary rejects criticism of NGO crackdown
    …in Switzerland as in Hungary and other countries across Europe and beyond – does Amnesty, like so many ‘Non-Governmental Organisations’ leech government grants? They claim they don’t, but are they lying?
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  • Answer?
  • Yes!

    Breaking Its own Rules: Amnesty’s Researcher Bias and Govt Funding

  • Meanwhile, in this particular case, a spot of Logic 101 never goes amiss.
  • So if decent citizens’ lives are to be disrupted by an explosion of ‘makeshift camps’ of unwholesome aliens in their midst, Calais-style…

    Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 

  • …on what possible logical basis should decent Swiss citizens’ lives be disrupted by transfer of the unwholesome horde across the border, thereby creating more ‘makeshift camps’?
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  • Or does Amnesty demand cushy three-squares-a-day accommodation  – on the Swiss tax-payers’ tab?
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  • Switzerland did not welcome the crimmigrants ashore – hard to do, since Switzerland is land-locked!
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  • Nor has Switzerland ever committed the folly of EU membership, so there is NO obligation on the Swiss to share ANY part of the benefit bludger burden.
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