After all the fuss about interference in other countries’ elections, you’d think Theresa May would grow up and adopt a hands-off  – or at least even-handed – approach to France’s forthcoming Presidential contest. 

Instead, she presses on with her interference, not direct but indirect, not rushing over to France to speak for one particular candidate but overtly ostracising one while opening her door to the others, those who are in favour of keeping France yoked to the the Evil Empire, the EUSSR. 


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  • Only a month or so away from polling day, May maintains her ill-advised, indeed infantile bias towards the pro-Brussels candidates.
  • Fillon’s welcome under her roof, and if the socialist showed up, she’d doubtless let him in.
  • Now the arch-Europhiliac has come to call on the woman who said this… 
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The Leftist New Statesman’s description of Macron below betrays its bias but it has its facts right about the rendezvous.

…the telegenic centrist also took the time to meet Theresa May and Philip Hammond and to hold a press briefing.

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If May hoped that her invitation would help soften Macron’s Brexit stance (the Prime Minister has refused to engage with his rival Marine Le Pen), she will have been left disappointed.


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  • Refuses to engage with the front-runner!?
  • Prefers to try out a spot of empathy with a Gallic Mama Stasi acolyte? 

    France’s Macron – A Mere Merkel Sycophant! 

  • How irresponsible can it get?!
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  • It makes you wonder whose side May’s on.
  • But don’t forget, she’s tipped her hand already.
  •  Lost In France – Theresa May’s Damn-Fool Partisan Prejudice!
  • She was openly on the Remain side during the referendum campaign.
  • She collaborated with Cameron’s sloppy soft appeasement of the European Court.
  • She recently prevailed on one of her Ministers, Priti Patel, into abandoning what we used to think was Priti’s principled commitment to restoration of capital punishment.
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  • Theresa of Ten Downing Street is no nationalist, and as far as adherence to principles of conservatism is concerned, it’s always going to be a MAY but never a MUST!