France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again!

“If a film angers the ‘far-right,’ our only response must be GOOD!”

That’s the level of bias we have come to expect from the ghastly little American woman, Lisa Nesselson, employed by France 24...


Gambar terkait


.…ostensibly as a ‘film critic,’ though her proper title should surely be propagandist for everything that’s wrong with France.

Oh, and BTW, she’s from Chicago, where Obamanoid evil has deep roots, a city in Illinois, a state whose most prominent university sees no shame in handing a professorship to a notorious red terrorist.


I had the misfortune to hear her this morning, up early due to my post-Qantas jet-lag!

Qantas’s In-Flight Pro-Crimmigrant Propaganda! 

If Lisa the limousine liberal, happy as a hog in a mud-puddle when swanning around fancy film-fests, wants to criticise politicians, she could look to her native state for targets! 

Is Chicago really that corrupt? Yes – Chicago Tribune

No chance! 

Nesselson, a shrill, bigoted leftist, who took side-swipes at Donald Trump even when reviewing a kiddies’ film, the BFG, much prefers to denigrate patriots!

I was going to post on that last year, but got distracted. Now, however, she has the gall to stick her long witchy nose into French politics too.

Even when she acknowledges that the far-left’s film (“Chez Nous” -“This Is Our Land,” described in the UK Times as a caricature of Le Pen ) is fiction…


Marine the Patriot

…she carries on at once into an attack on the actual party targetted, Marine Le Pen’s patriot party… . 

“They discredit themselves every day..”


Actually, Leftist Lisa discredits France 24 every time she opens her nasty, pinko-prejudiced mouth.

And she exposes the institutionalised bias that afflicts that state-funded outfit.


Marine should make media reform a key issue as the presidential election draws nigh.

Defunding France 24 would be a good start.