Gaystapo War Down Religious Liberty In Melbourne!

Another story of anti-Christian bigotry, this time from Australia.

A vile queer ‘academic’ named Simon Hunt, apparently employed by the University of New South Wales, ‘promoted‘ a campaign against Christians in Melbourne.

Queers in Oz have become ever shriller than is their shrill wont over the past year, tantrumised by the risk of the Australian people getting to vote in a plebiscite on the redefinition of marriage.

They are anguished because they fear a nationwide campaign would spread damaging information about the disproportionate propensity among homos to prey on children.

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  • Aware that the Australian Christian Lobby tends to tell the truth, it seems that what the news report (presumably tongue-in-cheek) calls ‘social justice warriors’ did their worst to disrupt this potential source of information.



The above is Simon Hunt! One sees similar things mincing around if your taxi cuts between the two main roads, Sudirman and Rasuna Said, via the Laturharhari canal banks in Central Jakarta after dark.

Repulsive to look at, at least the Jakarta maladjusts mind their own business, and don’t tend to bother other people!

The headline in The Australian. 22/2/17 sums up what happened.

LGBTI activists deluge Christian event with fake names, filth

Read all about it if you choose.
Malcolm Turnsteer is looking for ways out of the promise he made to give the Australian people the right to decide if they’ll join the other countries that have dived into the moral cess-pool known as ‘gay rights.’
If they get their plebiscite, it’s to be hoped that disgusting queers. in Melbourne and other cities too, will repeat such displays of revolting intolerance.
That ought to wake voters up to what the gaystapo agenda is really all about.