Qantas’s In-Flight Pro-Crimmigrant Propaganda!

Just got home to Jakarta last night, after an immensely enjoyable ten-day holiday.

Much of the transportation was organised on my behalf, but organised well, and it takes some of the weight off when you don’t need to chase after travel agents.

However, on my final journey here, from Sydney, I was on board a Qantas flight.

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It was on time, the on-board staff were polite and pleasant, but when I had a look at the films available to help make the time fly too….


What on EARTH motivated Qantas to include a nauseating pro-crimmigrant propaganda movie?

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One often has to suffer Hollywood junk with a leftist theme, but that’s different from presenting as a ‘documentary’ a grotesquely biased thing titled Chasing Asylum.

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  • Its inclusion in Qantas’s  merits investigation. Does Orner, the bint who both directs and ‘stars’ in it, have some kind of ‘in’ with senior Qantas management?
  • There was no effort to balance the biased film. No patriot documentary on the fight to stop boat-bludgers. And the bias was emblazoned on the ‘blurb’ Qantas offered, to entice passengers to view it.
  • Here’s the Qantas spin on the pathetic pro-crimmigrant production. It ‘exposes,’ they claim, how The Lucky Country became a country where leaders chose detention over compassion and governments deprive the desperate of their basic human rights.’


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  • I know Qantas was privatised some time ago, but does the airline not feel any loyalty to the country whose flag-ship airline it once was?
  • Did Qantas’s company directors give the green light for this shameless hogwash?
  • Orner is ‘fair’ in that she goes for every Aussie Prime Minister from Howard onwards – any slightest indication of common sense on crimmigrants clearly attracts her wrath.
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  • Her film has heroic ‘social workers’ etc., some of them so ‘heroic’ that they carefully hide their faces, ranting about the undesirable aliens’ ‘plight…’ 


 …a plight in which they wallow entirely as a consequence of their own country-shopping.

Orner can’t, however, hide the arrogance of the detainees, one of whom whines that he was ‘forced’ onto a bus – oh, poor wee thing!

Why was he not turned loose, to do as he pleases to defenceless citizens of a country not his own?

Another uppity inmate throws a near tantrum when told he may not wear his hat in one area of one detention centre.

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  • Hell, only hours before watching this cr-p, I was told to remove my Bintang cap when going through the airport security control point.
  • It’s hardly an oppressive rule and certainly no grounds for any crimmigrant quibbling.
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  • Orner has the legal right to churn out this kind of stuff.
  • And she evidently enjoys making ‘enemy within’ movies.
  • Wikipedia reminds us how Orner’s ‘Taxi to the Dark Side,’ which examines US torture practices in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, got an Oscar in 2008…
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  • Has Orner made a film about Obama unleashing terrorists?


….and how the far-left woman ‘within hours, created controversy by describing the US Government as “a bunch of war criminals.”  \

But it is TOTALLY out of order for Qantas to collaborate with those who seek to poison minds against democratically mandated border security policies by helping to spread Orner’s overt pro-crimmigrant propaganda.

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Unless they’re going to start allowing differing opinions – they have flights to the USA, so can we look forward to ‘Clinton Cash’ being listed among passengers’ viewing options?