Ulster Votes – Wisely?


The Guardian scribbler of course fails to mention that opposition to the absurdity of ‘gay’ so-called marriage is also the policy of the Catholic Church, so it’s something that cuts across religious, ethnic and national identities.

DECENT people of all races,  creeds and colours oppose it.


In contrast, predictably, SDLP and the IRA/Sinn Fein murder gang support the subversion of marriage.

They have no quarrel with the gaystapo agenda. .


Not that my readers would seriously consider voting for those undesirables.

So is it DUP – Lingo Largesse -“Don’t Trust DUP!” Ulster’s Jim Speaks Out! 


Or UUP – Before An Empire’s Eyes….Top Unionist Backs Disloyal SDLP 


or TUV.

Glorious Twelfth? Or Ulster’s 11th Hour – Who Fawns On GAA Traitors? 

Depends who you trust.

I’d say TUV get top marks.