Get A Grip, UKIP! They Aim To DESTROY You!

Up quite early today, another fine, sunny Jakarta Monday, as there’s a most welcome visitor due this morning, and another one expected late arvo.


After my half-dozen coffees, I need to focus again on The Old Country, where that paragon of pinko prejudice, The Guardian, has been salivating some more over UKIP’s failure to capture Stoke in that bye-election.

As Guardian rants go, this is only averagely spectacular, with various inane insults pouring forth –   obsessive hatemongers is a prime example.

The fundamentally anti-democratic mentality that resides in whatever passes for a brain in their scribbler of choice…

Paul Mason

…a geezer named Paul Mason, is shown by the headline…

Stoke shows how to destroy Ukip – split the alienated voters and hardcore racists – …

…not defeat, please note, but ‘DESTROY’ the patriot party, should be taken seriously.

These media leftists are out to deprive British voters of the ONLY alternative to left-liberal rule, to re-yoke patriot dissenters to the rotten establishment…it is essential to offer the mass of Ukip voters a route back to mainstream politics, whether of the Labour or Tory kind…


sod that


The Guardian hack babbles about UKIP activists’ social media output, blazing with imagery – both real and fake – of migrant riots in France and Sweden.

Unless given specific instances of fake imagery, I can’t comment on it, but the actual crimmigrant riots are hardly fake.

Migrant crisis: Riot in Bulgaria’s largest refugee centre – BBC News

Sweden probes riot in mainly immigrant Stockholm suburb – BBC New

Riot at Italian refugee center: Migrants start fires & staff held hostage


Violent Riots at Migrant Camp on Chios, Greece – Greek Reporter

French riot police in battle with Calais migrants, in pictures – Telegraph

Yeah, even the BBC, as left-liberal as it gets, as well as many other media, covered the REAL riots by ingrate savages.

Who needs ‘fakes’ when crimmigrants so graciously provide real examples!?!

Or skip the riots, just consider some of the demos we have witnessed…




…clear indications that a lot of ‘migrants,’ and their off-spring, are unfit to live in any civilised country. The views expressed in those placards should NOT be tolerated.

They are incitement to murder.

But no  – it’s UKIP supporters, according to this ranter, who are the villains who want a war with tolerance…




Tolerance should not be extended to backward brutes who want to behead others for holding and expressing (or even only drawing!) opinions.




Tolerating wickedness is plain stupid.

Tolerance towards ‘migrants’ who can’t adapt to Western society, who bring, from benighted lands, all their evil attitudes – towards free speech…


…and towards women…




…and towards pedophilia..

Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

…is at best misguided, at worst malignant.


Oh, and Mason accuses UKIP supporters of also being eager to make war on modernity.


We know what the modern world looks like. We know very well that, well within living memory, Western societies had problems of course but rested on shared values.

We have to recognise that those real values have been eroded and are being replaced by what creatures like Mason term ‘progressive’ values.’

But that’s largely down to the denial of democratic decision-making.

referndmlet peole vote

The Con/Lab/Lib in-crowd NEVER afforded the British people a fair say via referenda on so many issues, immigration, capital and corporal punishment, so-called ‘gay’ marriage…

…while the relentless indoctrination, at every level of education, continues to this day, pressed forward by the EUSSR.



.… the report states that the aim is twofold: it is to develop “a sense of belonging to the EU and acceptance of multicultural and multiethnic societies!” 

Bravo, Gilles! French MEP Exposes NEW EUSSR School Brainwashing! 


But even Mason is obliged implicitly to acknowledge that half the country has shown enough strength of character not to have had their minds poisoned.

His final paragraph bemoans those villainous millions who have declared war on the values of the progressive half of society.

That’s the half (plus+ plus, actually!) that voted for independence, defying the might of the forces of darkness.

And that’s the half that UKIP’s notables need to think about before they continue their quarrelsome capering.

Way over here in Indonesia, there’s precious little I can do about their antics, except to say to Nigel, and Aaron, and Paul and Douglas...


Hasil gambar untuk get your act together


Together, we can achieve the needful counter-revolution.

The stakes are too high for petty squabbling.