Too Hot for Hamas? International Women’s Day 2017!

Somebody reminded me a few days ago that March 8th is International Women’s Day.

Since the Islamist bigots of Hamas have cancelled the holiday even their Palestinian rivals have declared – – it seems all the more incumbent on normal folks to say something about it.

I could have posted on heroic European women, like Marine Le Pen or Frauke Petry. 


But on reflection, I thought, no, we touched on such stellar examples last Sunday –Silly Old Pole Subjected To Euro-Censorship? OUTRAGEOUS!   – so let’s give politics a break, at least for this morning, and focus on local ladies here in Indonesia. 

We have covered ( if that’s the appropriate word!) several of them over the years.

So just a handful (pleasant thought!) today to celebrate why we really do appreciate these delights.


Like my personal favourite, Roro Fitria…



…and Citra Yunita Sari…

Gambar terkait


,,,and of course, those irrepressible gals called Duo Serigala…


Hasil gambar untuk duo dangdut


And the intriguingly named Duo Buldozer…


Hasil gambar untuk duo dangdut


The ladies above are all dangdut singers, and if you haven’t heard of dangdut, it’s the musical genre that ordinary Indonesians love.




Just check it out via Google search.

But since I don’t want to be accused of bias towards Indonesian beauties, here’s that yummy Turk we featured a year or two ago…




…I wonder whatever happened to her, after she lost her job for being gorgeous!

Kasihan Zuhal Sengul – Hot Turkish Delight Fired By Kill-Joys! 

Hasil gambar untuk boycott turkish airlines