God Damn Justin Welby, Archbishop of…Smear!

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Should this man be re-titled the Archbishop of Brussels!


There are a thousand ways to explain the Brexit vote, or the election of President Trump, or the strength in the polls in Holland of Geert Wilders or in France of Madame Le Pen and many other leaders in a nationalist, populist or even fascist tradition of politics.”

Archbishop of Canterbury suggests Brexit ‘in fascist tradition’ | UK …

There is ONE way to explain the Brexit vote, and that’s the demand for democracy, the righteous wrath of a people denied control over their land, their laws, by the supranational regime in Brussels.

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Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 

Juncker is of course an exemplar of the evil that Brits voted against.

But their true enemies are those within. Cameron and Blair and John Major, ex-premiers who toiled and still toil to keep the UK under Brussels rule.

But at least they are, or rather were, elected to speak for electorates in their respective constituencies, albeit they often failed to represent even those people’s views…

  •  …in Major’s case, even his own views, as when he voted for corporal punishment then cravenly u-turned because the Euro-Court clowns told him to.
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But this be-robed buffoon in Canterbury?

He’s a nobody, who speaks for nobody but himself, as un-elected as the rest of his clerical comrades and the parasite peers he sits among in the House of Layabouts.


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Brits! Sign Up! Abolish The House Of Layabouts! 

  • But although we have slammed the worst sort of clerics before, very even-handedly, denouncing both Muslim and Christian disgraces…

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….Welby struts his stuff as the leader of  the world’s Anglicans. ‘Anglican’ is an adjective referring to England. Welby is chief prelate of the Church of England, and England voted HUGELY for Brexit (the overall UK majority for liberation was narrower)

So by blatantly deploying a transparent smear tactic – guilt by association – Brexit with ‘Fascism…


….a 1930s ideology which rejected democracy and exalted violence — he insults the very country, or at least most of its people that he’s meant to stand up for.

Has he nothing useful to do or say?

An archbishop with any coherent commitment to spreading his creed’s gospel would be urging his assembled clergy and laity to get out there and start missionary work in those English cities colonised by non-Christians….

…on missionary work, doing peaceful battle for hearts and minds – seeking to CONVERT them!


I acknowledge that, at least in part, there are millions of English people Welby admits have abandoned his denomination  


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Where have all the Anglicans gone?


its declining numbers, as he puts it –  and he has them to win back too!

Speaking up for Christian values…

Evangelicals Must Stick With Church Despite ‘False Teaching’ 

…instead of dissing the English, might just help!