Les Français d’abord? Not Aboard France 24’s Bias Express!

Just got up about half n hour ago, and having now had enough coffee -six cups of black!

…I have masochistically tuned into France24’s incredibly mistitled ‘Debate!


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Certainly, there was debate, about the Merkelite candidate Macron’s rise to ‘front-runner’ status in the French presidential polls – or rather ONE poll.

Plenty of others still have the patriot party’s Marine Le Pen ahead of the pack.

So there is much to talk about, with Macron ‘leap-frogging‘ Marine… to a ONE PERCENT lead!

Some leap!

The poll suggests support for Macron at 26%, Marine at 25%, Fillon at 20% and the Socialist trailing FAR behind the rest at 13%

Spokespersons for the top two were included, and maybe a good idea to have somebody from the third-placed candidate. And the insignificant Socialist? Well, why not, just to show fairness?

BUT…ignore my excursion into fake news!

That’s NOT what France24 did.

We had a Macron gal, a Fillon bloke, and, indeed, a Socialist.

But Marine’s party?




NO alternative voice allowed to be heard amid the in-crowd din!

Establishment bias in France24 is so engrained that anyone who challenges that in-crowd does not get a look-in.



Even though Marine is in first place, as most polls still say, or in second place, as in even their carefully selected poll.

Why are France24 so TERRIFIED of letting the French electorate, or even the overseas audience, hear Marine Le Pen’s case?

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Les Français d’abord? It means ‘PUT THE FRENCH FIRST!


Presumably because, like the lady herself, it is so appealing.