Saying “Not Welcome” Violates Alien Intruders’ Rights!

The headline is my preferred paraphrase of the full quote, so to be clear, here it is in full.

…telling or showing an asylum seeker that he is not welcome in a certain public area, such as a park, can also be a violation of his fundamental rights…



Have you EVER heard such hogwash?


The quote comes from a bunch of academics, in Zurich, a report evidently  paid for from the pockets of Swiss tax-payers, as it appears under the auspices of a body badly in need of abolition, the ‘Federal Commission Against Racism.’ 

  • And here’s me always thought Switzerland was a sensible sort of place!

But leaving aside the silliness – as if any sane people anywhere in Europe should be scolded for wanting to keep alien intruders like these…



…under careful supervision, and in particular well away from places likely frequented by defenceless women and children…

the pinko panel criticised current policy in federal-run centres for asylum seekers which fixes certain hours during which residents may leave the premises, a measure that, although it has a legal basis, is not proportional,

A common-sense curfew not proportional?

To what?


  • ….
  • It would seem to be perfectly proportional (until mass deportations are under way) to the risk to innocents represented by phoney ‘refugees.’

Let’s look at the countries immediately adjacent to Switzerland, to help gauge that risk.


Hasil gambar untuk switzerland



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If these Swiss pinkos think they can make a rational case for their demand that undesirable aliens should be free to prowl day or night wherever they please,  their way forward is clear enough.

Get the 100,000 signatures required to force a referendum. Better still, put the whole ‘asylum’ nonsense to a popular vote.

Let’s see what the Swiss people want?


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