Oh, Klanada? Racial Segregation At Toronto’s York Uni!

When I was a little lad on the farm in Perth County, Ontario, getting to church meant a half hour drive into town….


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In the deep snows of winter this was not always practical, but on most summer Sundays, in we went.

Among the other congregants were a black family, and I’m pretty sure they were they only black people in town. Nobody referred to them as ‘black,’ of course.

‘Coloured’ was the fashionable term, had been for years, and remained so until ‘black’ became the trendy word. Exactly what the PC in-crowd currently dictates I’m not sure.

‘Afro-American?’ In Canada, ‘Afro-Canadian?’

We often now hear the cumbersome, rather ridiculous ‘people of colour’ – it’ll be back to ‘coloured’ soon!

Anyway, the point of today’s trip down Memory Lane is the fact that in the Canada of the halcyon Diefenbaker Era…


Dief the Chief


….non-white people were certainly a small minority – especially in small-town Ontario! – but everyone got along just fine, without equality commissars to bully us.


All were  Canadians. Why wouldn’t they be welcome in our church, or indeed our home when they came round for a mid-week social? The idea of segregation was foreign to us.

Not any more, according to the news from Toronto…


            Hasil gambar untuk black students cpr york toronto

Campus racist poster


…where good old ( founded 1959) York University is hosting a first aid training session only for black students!

And where normal sane Canadians who object to such racist imbecility are accused by nasty black fanatics of “anti-black racism.”

The racist bigots belong to a gang calling itself the York United Black Students’ Alliance.




The CPR poster would have gladdened the hearts of the KKK, all those Imperial Wizards and Grand Dragons of the Ku Klux Klan!

As one normal student observed –

“My attention was brought to this poster because I was actually interested in getting my recert[ification] in first aid. It’s a skill everyone should know. Apparently my skin color is an issue though..”

Canadian Student Group Offers ‘Black Students Only‘ First Aid Training

No need to comment further on the advance of the apartheid mind-set in Ontario.

We await demands for the installation of separate drinking fountains.


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Or demands by trannies for unisex toilets, one each for blacks and whites, where perverted predators of each separate racial group can prowl for victims with egalitarian ease! 


Gambar terkait


One assumes (probably wrongly!) that the numbskull racists of the YUBSA will be disciplined for bringing discredit on their alma mater.

But flicking through Google for details of this resurgence of segregationism, we find it’s by no means unique, with  an American example of the same backward bigotry just next door to Ontario, in the US state of Michigan.

Michigan Students Demand ‘BlackOnly‘ Space

And last year California saw a similar revival of apartheid when California State University Los Angeles debuted segregated housing…

California University Offers Black-Only Student Dorms | The Daily Caller

Exactly sixty years ago, Republican President Eisenhower famously stepped in to force school desegregation on a Democrat Governor of Arkansas.

Will Republican President Trump similarly have to send in the National Guard to compel the Democrat Governor of California to desegregate the California State University Los Angeles?