New Book Exposes Merkel As More Coward Than Traitor!

A genuinely shocking story in The Australian this week, or at least shocking revelations from a new book, on the utterly vile vixen who rules Germany, and how lap-dog media colluded in her betrayal of her country.



Actually, though, I’m not convinced that Merkel sold her country out merely because, if the German border was closed to the crimmigrants in September 2015 — she feared the resulting clashes with police would look bad on television.

The report claims Mama Stasi was warned well ahead of the arrival of thousands of undesirable aliens, and was all set to secure the frontiers against them – then bottled out. .


How could she have mobilised and despatched the thousands of officers needed to police the border without anyone knowing?



The book reveals that the lying German media – the Lugenpresse  – covered up the whole episode  -they agreed to a reporting blackout for security reasons.

What security reasons?

If the  crimmigrants were already on the way, as fast as they could swagger, no doubt, then why disguise the fact that stern resistance awaited them? Had such security measures been made known, it might well have lessened the likelihood of an invasion.

And that makes me think that Mama was not seriously concerned to turn the enemy back.  

Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

Trained as a minion of the communist secret police, why would she?

But let’s stick with the Lugenpresse for a moment. Hard to see how they justified their cover-up at the time, but after the invasion? HOW COME they STILL kept quiet?

Did they deem Germans unworthy of knowing the truth?



Have they NO sense of duty to country, or even to the principles of honest reporting?

It all sounds very odd.

I’d like to read the book, Driven by Events: Merkel’s Refugee Policy, by Robin Alexander, who is himself a journalist.


Hasil gambar untuk Driven by Events: Merkel’s Refugee Policy, by Robin Alexander


It makes it clear that the incursion by alien migrants without a valid entry visa was undoubtedly illegal. And obviously, with an ounce of grit and responsibility, it could have been prevented.

It paints Mama Stasi as a craven opportunist devoid of any humanitarian principles in her behaviour.


But I still demur.

Yes, she’d opportunistically exploit ANY situation as it arose.

And, no, she did not herself start the Syrian War, nor was it started to flood Germany with predatory savages.

However, I’ll bet once the rabble began marauding in, the Stasi bitch must have thought it a golden opportunity to devastate Europe.

Her green light was lit up in Germany, but inevitably drew them through other lands, and her long-term strategy became clear when her EuroCommissars comrades instituted the outrageous ‘quota’ policy…


 – a grand design to ensure that not just Germany would suffer migrant mayhem, but EVERY nation under Brussels rule.   

So no, while I agree with the author when he dismisses claims that her Willkommenskultur — welcome policy — towards migrants was driven by humanitarian and ethical concerns…



….I must dissent when Herr Alexander claims that the horde poured in because for “historical reasons, the chancellor feared images of armed German police confronting civilians on our borders…”

But I leave it to your good readers to decide what you think of Merkel.

Coward or Traitor?