Media Coverage of Islamist Louts – JG Trounces JP!

A most peculiar, patchy piece in the Jakarta Post this week, on how deputy gubernatorial candidate Djarot Saiful Hidayat faced hostile opposition from supporters of his gubernatorial election rivals while attending an anniversary prayer for late former president Soeharto….

Djarot is on the left, Ahok on the right

Djarot is the running mate of Governor Ahok – the pluralist Christian seeking re-election next month. Ahok is hated by all the vilest sectarian elements here, and is currently on trial for the mediaeval offence of’blasphemy.’

One prominent Islamist bigot has demanded the DEATH PENALTY!

But let’s continue with the JP report. I won’t simply repeat it word for word but the link will confirm I am paraphrasing it faithfully.

…an unidentified protester threw a bottle…some protesters pursued him while hurling verbal abuse…some protesters even trying to block his access to the mosque….

Atrocious antics, deserving serious, thorough investigation. Yet the JP reporters do NOT identify the hoodlums, apart from that vague reference to ‘supporters of rivals.’  

Compare and contrast. 

So WHO were the loutish trouble-makers? The Jakarta Post’s rival English-language paper, the Jakarta Globe, has incurred my disapproval in the past…

…but does a far better job, with its report on the same disgraceful hoodlum display.

Members of several Muslim groups intercepted incumbent Deputy Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat while on his way to attend an Islamic prayer to commemorate the issuance of the controversial Supersemar, or March 11 Decree…


  • Protestors loudly yelled abuse and the word “infidel” at Djarot…
  • So it was not a manifestation of political conflict but of naked sectarian hatred.
  • And another thing!
  • That ceremony Djarot was attending?
  • The Jakarta Post’s description – ‘ an anniversary prayer for late former president Soeharto’  – is more than a little economical with the facts of the occasion.
  • It gives the impression that it was merely a commemoration of the dictator’s life or of his death.
  • NOT SO! The Jakarta Globe spells out the truth!
  • .The mass prayer was held to commemorate the issuance of the Supersemar letter, which transferred authority from the country’s founding father, Sukarno, to Suharto, who was the chief of the Army in 1966.
  • ————–

General Suharto – the beneficiary of ‘Supersemar’


Every Indonesian knows about that episode.

Some regard it as a good day for the country, after Soekarno’s erratic regime and his constant flirtation of the evil totalitarians of the PKI – the Communist Party of Indonesia.


But many also see it as the moment when Suharto’s iron rule began, an end to democracy and the start of a dictatorship which lasted for for over thirty years.  

Regardless, that’s what last Saturday’s event was all about.



As an interesting foot-note to the above, the list of those present at the Supersemar get-together includes none other than the very man we mentioned above but did not name, the blood-thirsty fanatic who reckons Djarot’s running-mate, our good Governor Ahok, deserves death for a qitty reference to the Koran.

Now we name him.

Habib Rizieq godfather of the self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam!’

“We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq.