Pretty Pernille’s Sense on Shariah Has Pinkos Panicking!

Next Le Pen is Danish and should be taken seriously

  • Pernille Vermund

That’s the headline, and it certainly sounds like good news for Denmark, glad tidings confirmed by the next lines, ablaze with realistic assessments from that lovely lovely blonde in the photo.

Civil war, treason, rape, persecution.

Pernille Vermund, leader of the Danish far-right party “the New Conservatives,” has no shortage of words to describe Denmark’s dystopian future if immigrants have their way.,

Couldn’t have put it better myself!

But it’s much the same as what many of us have written, as the alien horde pours into Europe. Pretty Pernille, though, has a neat turn of phrase to refresh jaded readers!

Get this one!

…for example comparing the 1951 Refugee Convention to “Sharia law” because it – like sharia law, Vermund contends – is “out of touch with reality” and “a remnant of the past.”


Hasil gambar untuk shariah women

Spot on!

Now this EUObs article is written by a pinko, much alarmed by the lady!

But even he has to admit that she’s a talented communicator who comes across as calm, accessible, and to-the-point even when pressed on issues she does not appear particularly knowledgeable on.

And if her critic is correct in saying that she’s a frequent object of derision from much of the liberal left and mainstream media….

( why does he say ‘liberal left’ AND ‘mainstream media.’ Surely they’re one and the same, or is Denmark the odd man out among Western countries?)

…then we can be reassured thereby that she is an honest patriot, further confirmation thereof being offered by her forthright description of immigrants as lazy, disloyal, ungrateful and criminals.

If shes talking about Merkel’s malignant mob, what else can one say except…



Her party, the ‘New Conservatives,’ got nearly 5 percent in their first electoral outing, so she’s one to watch.

Read that link to learn more.