Denmark’s Pinkos Go Nuts Over Crimmigrant Cake!

A joyful story from Denmark this week, where the dynamic lady pictured below has really really really upset the pinko pro-crimmigrant clique by posting a photo in which she posed with a cake to celebrate her 50th law change restricting immigration.


“Today the 50th restriction was passed on immigration. This must be celebrated!” wrote Støjberg


She’s the Danes’ Integration minister Inger Støjberg and has featured here on our blog before…

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I found the story in The Leftal, sorry, The Local, which, as ever, showed its disgusting bias by describing her excellent legal move, last year, to curb free-loading phoney ‘refugees’ as the ‘infamous jewellery law.’

These media creeps just can’t report objectively.  ‘The Leftal’ – Pro-Crimmigrant Bias Against Danes! 



FAMOUS, surely!

Most people applauded her wisdom and I’m sure most people will applaud her rather fine looking cake, which she ordered and paid for herself.

Mind you, I’m surprised Facebook didn’t ban it…



…as part of Little Mark Suckerberg’s policy of censoring opponents of undesirable alien incursions.

The Leftal says the lady got Facebook comments both for and against, but interestingly its thorough journalism didn’t go so far as to say how many were for and how many against.

Perhaps those of you who use Facebook might wish to comment.