Carve Out The Cancer – Re-Draw Ulster’s Border!

  • Just a few thoughts on St. Patrick’s Day!

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  • Time taken to digest a new situation is never wasted, especially when it concerns a cause dear to the heart.

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  • Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.
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  • And there’s none dearer than dear old Ulster, where the British majority faces the Enemy Within’s renewed push on behalf of Eire’s expansionist ambitions.

  • Only a few thousand votes separated the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang party from the DUP.

  • If the forces of evil had edged ahead, we’d see that blonde traitor O’Neill, photographed below with her heroes, Blood-Beast Adams and Murder-Gang McGuinness..

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  • …as First Minister at Stormont.

  • That’d be a shameful stain on Ulster’s annals, but in and of itself, only a marginal shift in the political constellation, because ever since Paisley ‘jumped the dyke’ and agreed to work in harness with McGuinness, there’s been constant erosion of Ulster’s identity as a British nation.

  • Rather than examine the election results in detail, better to look at what was said BEFORE the votes were cast, by that little rat Enda Kenny, whose crass interference in British democracy last June opened many UK eyes to the truth…

    Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit

  • ….that Eire remains a dagger poised at Britain’s back.

  • Economic arguments were made much of then by Dublin’s in-crowd. Yet as always, their underlying imperialist arrogance was the key motive.

  • As it remained last week, when a press conference with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker…

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  • ….Kenny called for any Brexit deal to include a provision that allowed Northern Ireland to unify with the Irish republic “whenever that might occur.”

  • Any attempt to ‘unify with the Irish republic’ which, to Juncker’s undoubted glee, would make Northern Ireland part of the EU once more, would be heavily opposed by Northern Ireland’s unionists…  Irish unification on voters’ minds

  • More than that, it would, and should, rightly be met with armed resistance.

  • Even by the wretched UN’s Charter (which of course is only selectively enforced – Tibetans don’t get a look-in!) every nation has a right to self-determination.

  • If Ulsterfolk find they’ve been outbred (demographic shifts, as posh analysts prefer to say) then of course they’d be well within their rights to war off any move by their hostile neighbour to annex the Ulster homeland.

  • Sinn Fein were instrumental 100 years ago in the partition of the British Isles.

  • Now it may well fall to their ancestral foes to re-draw Ulster’s border once again.

  • It’s no use just saying Kenny “should have stayed out of it,” as one UUP man opined.

  • What is required is for interfering foreign swine to be told to get lost. And that means Juncker as much as Enda Kenny.

  • Just a few thoughts on St. Patrick’s Day!