Theresa’s Crimmigrant Control Reform – Good Start, Needs Work!

Since I often attack Mrs. May, fairness requires I give credit where credit is due, so on this warm Jakarta night, her new rules to keep out crimmigrants earn her a cheer and a half.

Teachers, nurses and social workers from outside the European Union are set to face criminal record checks before being allowed to work in the UK.

Yes, admirable. But prior to her entry into 10 Downing Street, she had years to make this move, when she was Home Secretary.

Did Camoron prevent her doing so?

the Home Office says the move is designed to “strengthen safeguards.” v

Better late than never!

But it’s not exactly a comprehensive safeguard.

It seems it will only apply to applicants from non-European Economic Area countries for a ‘ Tier 2’ visa to take up jobs which involve working with children and vulnerable adults.

Certainly such people deserve protection.

But what about the rest of the British public?

Gambar terkait

Robert Goodwill MP



Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill said: “Foreign criminals have absolutely no right to be working with society’s most vulnerable…”

Foreign criminals should have absolutely no right to  be residing in, or wandering anywhere around, the British Isles, regardless of with whom they’re working.

Astonishingly, it seems the government has inexplicably tied its own hands in handling undesirables.

 The government can automatically refuse entry to applicants who have been jailed for four years or more, while those given shorter terms can be barred for up to 10 years after their sentence ends.

So unless some no-good has had a minimum four-year sentence, the British Government CANNOT just bar him, or her, from the UK  automatically?


And why should other no-goods only be barred for ‘up to 10 years?’ 


Why cannot British authorities simply be free to bar any and every lawless alien for as long as the authorities see fit?

It makes no sense to me.

But then Mrs. May no doubt follows the Camoron Doctrine…


Britannia Dolorosa – Sceptred Isle Now Garbage Dump – Thanks to ‘Human Rights Act’ 

…that the ‘rights’ of foreign criminals take precedence over plain old-fashioned British justice.