Your Very Own Brick In Donald’s Wall?

We have noted how the Mexican Government has expressed reluctance to pay for the wall which their citizens’ wilful crimmigration into the USA has necessitated.



We also note that the same government has plenty of funds to lavish on supporting their crimmigrants already in America who are proving recalcitrant about going home.  Mexico launches $50 million effort in US



Therefore it is reasonable to assume that initially the cost of the Great Wall needs to be found elsewhere.

Obviously US taxes are one source.

But think about it.

I have often seen appeals from institutions (like my alma mater, for example) seeking donations with a promise to inscribe a brick with one’s name or that of a loved one, to immortalise the goodwill shown.

Just flicking through Google, I came across several such schemes. Here’s one – 

Have your name memorialised in Tavistock Community Sensory Garden

I’m sure the sensory garden is a splendid project, but om reflection…

How about this for a scheme?



  • Walls are an important part of history.
  • Some have lasted through two thousand years…
  • Hadrian’s Wall, in England. built circa AD 120, where I once joined in archaeological excavations.
  • ……
  • …or longer…
  • Gambar terkait
  • oooooo
  • Even many of us who are not Americans would surely be proud and pleased to pay for a brick, if only as a token of solidarity with patriots in the USA…
  • =
  • …and of our appreciation of Trump’s defeat of the forces of evil last November.
  • I heard somebody on TV talking about this idea, but it was just idle chat, as far as I know.
  • Many of my readers in the USA are active in conservative movements.
  • Could they not get together and start the ball rolling – or should I say get the Wall rising?