Anti-Trump? Flag-Burning Antifa Scum Are ANTI-AMERICAN!

…masked protesters wearing all-black outfits started burning an American flag on the sidewalk…

Trump rally, protests turn violent at State Capitol

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  • Twas only yesterday we posted on the international red nazi movement that calls itself ‘Antifa.’


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Antifa red nazi attacks downed cop – so how come cops elsewhere appease them?


We also offered a simple solution – outlaw masks! 


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More and more reports keep surfacing on these marxist vermin, who, if they are burning the Stars and Stripes, are more accurately described as Anti-American, much the same as Obama’s sometime spiritual adviser…



Un-American and/or Anti-American, rather than anti-Trump. 

And their agenda is becoming clearer too, with a report from Philadelphia, that, rather than do their duty to safeguard authorised demonstrations, local cops are using Antifa thuggery as an excuse to shut down patriot rallies.

At about 1 p.m., the pro-Trump supporters in Philly shouted angrily at police who were blocking them, saying that they had a legal right to march and their event had been usurped by the anti-Trump counterprotesters who were dressed in black and did not have a permit.  Pro-Trump Philly march cut short by police for safety

That’s outrageous.

Those Philadelphia police commanders draw their salaries on the basis that they safeguard the rights of decent people and put down lawless gangs.

We have seen this before, notably on the English-speaking world, conservative/patriot manifestations curtailed not because they cause trouble, but because subversive swine of the Antifa variety illegally obstruct those against whom their hatred festers.

The cops in Philly presumably possess or have ready access to counter-terror equipment.

At the very least, they surely have tear-gas, water-cannon, billy-clubs and fire-arms?



Those weapons MUST be used to quell red nazi terror tactics.

On the other hand, you’ll have noticed that I confine my condemnation to ‘commanders.’

Some rank-and-file police officers merit commendations, or better still promotion, for how they respond to Antifa hoodlums. 

A police officer was caught on film using his bicycle to hit an anti-Trump protester in the back after American flags were burned…US police officer hurls bike at anti-Trump protester