Beastly Brunhilde Cowers From Crimmigrant Confrontation

Another fine sunny Jakarta morning!

That revolting renegade German, ex-secret police flunkey Merkel, has emulated the dangerous Dutchman Timmermans  – Brussels Bully Backs Off – Salute Those Valiant Poles! – by flinching when intended victims make it clear they won’t be pushed around.



Mama Stasi on Saturday told the media that, as far as nations under patriot leadership, like the brave Hungarians and Poles, were concerned, she’d not be up for threatening them with financial sanctions…“for now.”

In typical gutless character, she even bottled out of specifying her targets – she did not explicitly name Poland and Hungary in her answer.




Then, in a masterpiece of hypocrisy, even for the Berlin Bitch, she brazenly declared –

“I would like to make no threat today in this interview, but I would like to see the rule of law respected throughout Europe, as we expect it should be”.


Was sagte Mama Fuhrerin?


..some have suggested that the EU could use the threat of withholding so-called “structural funds” to force a compromise.


Has she no shame?

Does she think every German, every patriot in every country, is suffering from collective amnesia?

It was she who flouted the rule of law when she single-handedly tore up the legal rule-book and ordered border security forces to stand down in the face of a massive invasion of her country by an alien horde.

  • And it wasn’t just her own country’s legalities that fell by the wayside.

  • Her beloved Brussels rules, which she now invokes to bully Central European democratic governments, were quite explicit. Intruders who purport to seek sanctuary within the Brussels Empire MUST make their claim in the very first land they reach.

  • Mama Stasi Merkel flouted that legal obligation, consciencelessly repudiating the European Union’s Dublin Agreement.

  • Yet now her arrogant jackboot is aimed at peaceful EU member-states, democratic neighbours who see no reason to import the misery she has inflicted on the German victims of rape, robbery  and violence by the primitive parasites she illegally welcomed in.



Again my thoughts stray to Von Stauffenberg, who sought to thwart the madness of another evil leader in Berlin.

Today’s patriots are better placed, since there is an electoral opportunity to end misrule…


…in September this year. 

PS – Today’s news is better still, with other countries declaring resistance –

 Central European leaders vow not to be blackmailed by EU  


…and even formerly subservient Austria seems to be lining up against the foul Fuhrerin!  Austria says wants exemption from EU migrant relocation system