Cuba’s Hell On Earth, Thriving Thanks To Brussels!

Every so often, even the left-lib media produce something that serves a useful purpose.


Gambar terkait


For example, the Guardian, whose editorial views on most issues are execrable, has a piece on a new book by a Brit who spent some tine in one of the Castro dictatorship’s hellish prisons.


No need to repeat what most readers know about the evil of communism and the specific nightmare experienced by the people of Cuba – we’ve written of that before.

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But one part in particular struck me as alarming, that being the UK Foreign Office’s callous indifference to his plight –

And the reasons why!

While we wait eagerly for Article 50 to be triggered, it’s worth noting that deliverance from that foul supranational body is not only a self-interested move but a moral cleansing.


…. the FCO had made a decision not to “rock the boat” with the Cuban authorities, focusing instead on what was seen as the bigger prize of a potential rapprochement between all EU governments and Raúl Castro.

The hypocrisy of the Euro-Commissars!

Busily punishing Israel for its settlement policies, lecturing Indonesia on why it shouldn’t shoot sectarian terrorists –    UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  – – scolding Poland – yes, Poland, its own member state – about absurd ‘breaches of the rule of law…’

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…yet eagerly pursuing ‘rapprochement‘ with the vilest tyranny in the Western hemisphere.