Hurray (Again) For Hungary! ‘Let’s Stop Brussels!’

Auspicious timing, this EUObs report, highlighting the new government consultation in Hungary, which includes the admirable exhortation –


I don’t speak Magyar but am content to accept EUObs – no doubt horrified – translation –


The whole report is worth a look, including the photo of the Hungarian Interior Minister accepting a hand-shake from Euro-Commissar Avramopoulos…



We should, I suppose, consider a competition for our wonderful readers, namely  – imagine what the Greek geezer is saying to his genial host.

Something like –

Gotta hand it to you guys – wish our Greek government had the guts to do the same!’


Such levity is permissible, surely, on the UK’s ‘Trigger Day,’ but will no doubt incur the wrath of EUObs collaborationist editorial cabal, whose very headline gives away their bias.

EU stands aside as Hungary detains migrants

…as if the blasted Brussels bullies should start instant sticky-beaking when any country moves to protect its people from Mama Stasi Merkel’s migrant mob.



Avramopoulos, alas, is unlikely to congratulate the Magyars. His own record alternates between occasional efforts to soothe the irate victims of the invasion with oily words…‘Throw the Bums Out!’ Suddenly, Brussels Agrees! …and nauseating appeasement, mingled with minatory menaces against decent folks like those he met in Budapest this week.

If we don’t have tangible efforts by September … the commission will not hesitate to make use of its power,” Avramopoulos

EU threatens fines for failing to take in refugees – Channel NewsAsia..

Whatever he said this month, there is already ugly ululation all over the place, from all the usual suspects, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations and…



…more dangerously, the robed rogues – those malevolent supranational judges in Strasbourg.

Our common slogan must needs be, as it was in a previous struggle against alien invasion, back in 1956…