Tormented Europe’s Reward? ‘Do As You’re Told!’ Says Brussels

“Austria is now expected to fulfill its legal obligation … to start relocating…”

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  • That’s how the Euro-Commissars reward subservience. Order their subject states to import more crimmigrants

  • But while the arrogance in Brussels seems actually to grow in direct proportion to the alarm among Austria’s tormented people…


“Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So Dye That Blonde Hair


…it’s important to recognise that the belated back-bone shown by the Coalition in Vienna has been implanted NOT, for the most part, by a resurgence of self-respect on the part of the political elite there, but ONLY because they fear electoral consequences.

The government has been seeking to erode support for the Freedom Party with a series of law-and-order measures and stricter immigration rules.

The Austrian FPO patriot party scared the HELL out of the collaborationist in-crowd when Herr Hofer came close to winning the presidential election last year.

Despite outrageous outside meddling…  

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European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker issued a warning to Austrian presidential candidate Norbert Hofer


…voters rose up against their rulers’ collaboration with Mama Stasi Merkel’s ‘migrant’ malignancy.

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There are parliamentary elections due soon, with the FPO riding high in the polls.

So when we read on, and feel like congratulating the government on introducing sensible plans, viz. 

An “integration bill” agreed in cabinet on Tuesday would ban face-veils in public places and oblige unemployed refugees to perform jobs “of public utility” for no pay beyond their normal benefit payments.


Just remember – there would be NO such progressive proposals, had there NOT been a surge in support for the party which represents resistance to the EUSSR.


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  • If resistance were to wane, so too would the readiness by the establishment to embrace patriotic policies.

Food for thought, surely, during the debate on UKIP’s future!